Inside the Elm

Growing Up.
Located in Hanover, PA, Magic Elm Skateland, has been in business for over 40 years. Over the years, with the transition of quad's to inline skates, Magic Elm has maintained a wonderful family atmosphere that has helped ensure good, clean, fun for everyone.

Sometimes, we all need a little break from our hectic schedules. Magic Elm may just be what you need to unwind--and recover a bit of your youth!

Party, Party, Party!
Looking for a great place to have your next party? Magic Elm can offer competitive rates on private parties, skate rentals and room rentals that can make your next event memorable because of the fun--not the fortune you had to spend. Please view our private party or birthday party pages to learn more about what Magic Elm has to offer.

Something for All Ages.
From beginner lessons to the limbo, all-night skates to 80’s & 90’s Skates, Magic Elm has just about anything for all ages. Check out our Skating Schedule to see what fits you best!

Part of the Community.

Magic Elm is a member of the national Roller Skating Association. Being part of such a great organization provides the support for continued growth of the rink as well as for creative and fun ideas for the future.

Gettysburg Chamber of CommerceAs a member of the Gettysburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Magic Elm is able to stay in touch with local businesses, the community, and the Gettysburg Area. 


Patron Rules of Conduct.
These rules are established and enforced for the safety and security of all skaters:

  • Patrons will conduct themselves at all times as ladies and gentlemen.
  • All Patrons will be neatly groomed - Clothes neat and clean,
  • Fast, wreckless, weaving in or out, tag play, or skating in a manner that mayjeopardize the safety of others will not be permitted.
  • No in and out priveleges or loitering around the building..."when you leave, you leave."
  • No alcoholic beverages or anyone under the influence of alcohol, will be allowed on the premise.
  • No foul language, gum chewing or smoking permitted.
  • Proper attire subject to management's approval.
  • Parents welcome to visit free.

May we state that we are aware of our responsibility to the community to maintain a decorous place of fun and entertainment. Our rules of conduct and of dress are dictated by the rules of good taste and are strictly enforced. We solicit the patronage only of those who wish to comply to them.